Sunday, September 29, 2013

He's Baaaccckkk!

If you are from Texas, you know who I am speaking of!  Today, Husband and I spent the day at The State Fair of Texas.  The weather was perfect.  It was so good to see this guy back on the fair grounds.

This is what happened to him at the end of the Fair last year.  Tragic.

In the hall of state, there is a video to watch the process of bringing Big Tex back in just one year...It was a major undertaking, but it was done.  There are some differences...Not sure that I love the new version, but at least he is back. I have to say....the new boots....not liking them!  They are way too big for him!  That seems so funny to say because he is BIG.  But the boots are just not right!

Welcome Back "Big Guy"!

                                         Now, go create something and I will too!


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